Zin in een mooi feestje ? ASI bestaat 7&8 oktober 50 jaar

by Marja Brouwer

Celebration ASI 50th anniversary

For most people, anniversaries are joyously celebrated with champagne.
Naturally, when you’re the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, milestone events are cause to celebrate with champagne, but also in Champagne. 
Of course, we are talking about the ASI’s 50th anniversary, which will be commemorated over two days (October 7th & 8th, 2019), first in Reims and then in the area of Épernay.
The ASI was born 50 years ago in the cradle of our profession, in France, in Reims, and it has successfully grown well beyond those borders. Today we are proud of our 55 active national association members, 4 observer and 6 applying observer countries across all continents. This represents a significant number of sommeliers from around the world …
So we invite you to join us for what will surely be one of the greatest gatherings of international sommeliers in history. Come raise your glass with us! And take part in all the activities that are being organized for this unique occasion. We are not 50 years old everyday!

October 7th (Reims) & 8th (Épernay) 2019
You already know ASI was founded in Reims in 1969…
Let’s celebrate the ASI 50th anniversary in Reims and Épernay on October 7th and 8th after the annual ASI General Assembly.
Please don’t hesitate! Register now!
The registration fee* is 250 € per person.
Early bird registration fee is only 200 € per person for people registering until September 15th.
Go ahead and register right now!